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Syringa Propagation. Port globulaire. De syringa meyeri 'Palibin' (dwergsering) is een rijkbloeiende heester met fraaie, lichtpaarse bloemen. Tilføj til kurv Champost Naturgødning - 20 L 49,00 kr. Syringa Microphylla 'Superba' is a product from our specially selected garden Plants assortment. Rendkívül illatos, 6–8 cm-es halványlila bugái júniusban nyílnak, de őszi utóvirágzása is gyakori. 80% (39 Reviews) Masses of fragrant blooms in spring. Alacsony sövénynek, kővályúba, sziklakertbe ültethető fajta. Type: Broadleaf. The Syringa genus that comprises garden lilacs includes several species, ... (Syringa meyeri 'Palibin') Neil Holmes / Getty Images Korean lilac is not known to exist in the wild; it was discovered in a Peking garden in 1909. Caractéristiques de quelques essences : Syringa meyeri : petites feuilles ovales. Hustá květenství jsou složená ze sytě lososových poupátek, která se v polovině května otevírají do velmi světle růžových, trubkovitých a sladce voňavých květů na přibližně 3 týdny. The exceptions are hybrids of the dwarf species such as Syringa laciniata, Syringa meyeri, Syringa macrophylla and Syringa pubesens, which have given us more compact lilacs suitable where space is limited or they can be grown in a pot. Grow in a decorative pot or plant directly into a garden border. References. microphylla 'Superba ' ". Capable of withstanding outdoor winter temperatures down to -15C. Family: Oleaceae. Royal Horticultural Society. Panicles 2 to 4 in. It exhibits a growth habit and bloom time similar to Dwarf Korean, but with a pleasing, spicy fragrance and incredible wine-red flower buds that open to pink. Syringa meyeri PALIBIN 1–1,5 m-es, apró levelű, kompakt habitusú cserje. Syringa meyeri 'Palibin' (Korean Lilac) is a slow-growing, deciduous, bushy shrub with fragrant lilac flowers in late spring. Panicules de 10 cm de long, comportant de nombreuses petites fleurs doubles. Plante vedette pour espaces restreints. July 2017. p. 100. Syringa microphylla ‘Superba’ Dwarf Superba Lilac Std. Superba Lilac . This new compact lilac is the result of crosses made between Syringa meyeri 'Palibin' and 'Superba'. Mature growth is around 5-6' tall x 5' wide. Deliciously fragrant, pendulous light mauve flowers. Gießen Sie … The packaging contains detailed instructions for use. Suitable for foundations. According to some authorities Syringa meyeri C.K.Schneid. The Tinkerbelle Lilac (tree form) is a cross between Syringa meyeri 'Palibin' and Syringa microphylla 'Superba'. Images Syringa - Professional images and videos of plants and gardens for use in magazines, books, calendars, brochures and other media. offer fragrant, ornamental clusters of spring flowers that give long-lasting cut flowers and garden color. S. patula (Korean lilac, Manchurian lilac) The cultivar S. pubescens subsp. Wine-red buds open to single pink blooms. Ce nouvel hybride hérite de la rusticité du premier de ses parents (syringa méyéri Palibin) et d’une toute nouvelle couleur, héritage de son autre parent (syringa microphylla Superba). Syringa meyeri 'Palibin' passt daher auch sehr gut in einen schönen Blumentopf. (Propagation Prohibited except under license.) Syringa meyeri 'Palibin' (Lilac 'Palibin') Syringa pinnatifolia (Pinnate lilac) Syringa protolaciniata (Persian lilac) Syringa pubescens subsp. Sign in Sign up for FREE Prices and download plans Tilføj til kurv Champost Jordforbedring - 50 L 65,00 kr. De croissance lente. It is not known to exist in the wild. Genus Syringa can be deciduous shrubs or trees, with simple, entire or rarely pinnate leaves and conical panicles of small, very fragrant, 4-lobed tubular flowers in late spring or early summer Details 'Palibin' is a bushy, slow-growing deciduous shrub with small, broadly-ovate, dark green leaves and upright panicles of small, fragrant, lilac-pink flowers Syringa meyeri Flowerfesta Purple ('Anny200809') (PBR)(Flowerfesta Series) £24.99 available to order from spring 2021 Floraison en mi-mai. Read more Read More. Leaves roundish ovate, pointed or rounded at the apex; 1 ⁄ 2 to 2 in. It is a rounded, upright, non-suckering, deciduous shrub which typically grows 4-6’ tall and as wide. Developed by Neal Holland of Sheyenne Gardens in North Dakota, this compact lilac is the result of crosses made between Syringa meyeri ‘Palibin’ and Syringa microphylla ‘Superba’. Talaj iránt igénytelen, a városi klímát is jól tűri. Height and spread to 6ft (2m) high and wide. microphylla 'Superba' (Very little leaf lilac) Syringa pubescens subsp. ↑ "RHS Plantfinder - Syringa meyeri 'Palibin ' ". Sartviolet blomster Syringa Palibin blomstrer i maj-juni Sol/halvskygge Felco 2 - Beskæresaks 369,00 kr. Retrieved 30 November 2018. Syringa microphylla 'Superba' Common name: Superba Littleleaf Lilac . Für guten Wasserabfluss müssen Löcher im Topfboden sein. The cultivar ‘Palibin’ has also won the AGM. Syringa meyeri 'Palibin' AGM P09449: Syringa × prestoniae 'Donald Wyman' P04053: Syringa × prestoniae 'Variegata' P09453: Syringa pubescens subsp. microphylla P04478: Syringa pubescens subsp. Syringa pubescens subsp. Syringa josikaea. Feuillage dense, reluisant et vert foncé en été, rouge orangé en automne. Pronunciation: si-RING-ga jo-si-KIE-a. microphylla 'Superba' has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. wide, dark green above, greyish green beneath, slightly downy on both surfaces, ciliate; stalk 1 ⁄ 6 to 1 ⁄ 3 in. The Plant List. Syringa microphylla Diels. Attractive dark green foliage... Topgrafted Standards . is a synonym of S. pubescens. Tilføj til kurv Have og Grøntsagsgødning - NPK 9-2-5 / Organisk Gødning 10 kg 140,00 kr. Syringa juliana 'Hers' Weeping Lilac STD : Small, delicately-leaved, weeping ornamental variety. Height and spread to 5ft (1.5m). Fleurs abondantes très parfumées lilas pâle en juin. Similar in habit to Palibin but with a spicy fragrance and wine red flower buds that open to light pink. Grafted on a 3' to 4' stem, this formal tree has masses of fragrant, light lilac-purple blooms in early spring. Jun 10, 2015 - Explore Sunnifa Heinreksdottir's board "SYRINGA", followed by 251 people on Pinterest. Unlike common lilac Syringa vulgaris), which can be a chore to keep pruned, the species form of Korean lilac is a smallish shrub that grows no more than 8 feet tall. Feuilles pourpres à l’automne. The most widely known of these, Syringa meyeri ‘Palibin’ only grows to about 3 – 4 feet in height single violet pink flowers and a good perfume. ↑ "AGM Plants - Ornamental" (PDF). De 'Palibin' oogt ook mooi in combinatie met andere vaste planten achter in je border. Orders above GBP99,99 will be delivered to you without any shipping costs. It is perhaps best noted for its compact shape and its wine-colored buds that open to sweetly-fragrant, pale pink flowers. Hardy Shrub. This is a Bailey Nursery introduction. ↑ "Syringa meyeri". Pflege + Geben Sie Ihrem Zwergflieder auf Stamm regelmäßig Wasser, besonders wenn der Hochstamm im Topf steht. Suitable for smaller gardens or pots and containers. Lilac 'Palibin' (standard) Syringa meyeri. Syringa patula : feuilles ovales et oblongues. It brings us a whole new colour in dwarf Lilacs. Panicules de petites fleurs odorantes. Broadleaf deciduous shrub, 8-10 ft (2.4-3 m) tall with somewhat greater spread, arching, multi-stemmed. It is a compact, rounded, slow-growing, deciduous shrub that matures to 5-8' tall and spreads to 10' wide. Attractive dark green foliage... Topgrafted Standards . Pleasant spicy fragrance. Syringa meyeri, commonly called Meyer lilac or Korean lilac, was found growing in a garden near Beijing, China by Frank Meyer in 1909. Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: No. Syringa Microphylla 'Superba' can be ordered at throughout the whole United Kingdom. microphylla 'Superba' AGM P02652: Syringa tomentella subsp. This lilac tree/shrub demands a well-drained site. A deciduous shrub 5 ft or more high, of spreading habit, with slender, downy young shoots. Floraison en juin. Door zijn compacte vorm is hij heel geschikt om in een kleinere tuinen te planten en als solitair. Grafted on a 3' to 4' stem, this formal tree has masses of fragrant, light lilac-purple blooms in early spring. Prices and download plans . Heb je geen tuin om deze dwergsering in neer te zetten? microphylla ‘Superba’. Genus: Syringa. Syringa microphylla ‘Superba’ Dwarf Superba Lilac Std. FROM £24.99. Deciduous shrub, 6-9(12) ft [1.8-2.7(3.7) m] tall, much greater spread, dense, thin branches. Jedná se o křížence mezi syringa meyeri Palibin a syringa microphylla Superba z roku 1985 a postaral se o něj Neal S.Holland ze Severní Dakoty v USA. Lilas de Corée sur tige: Variété naine de forme globulaire. Retrieved 5 June 2013. Jul 17, 2012 - Explore Edith Mae's Attic's board "Syringa", followed by 371 people on Pinterest. Pronunciation: si-RING-ga mi-kro-FIL-a. Nehmen Sie einen großzügigen Topf, um zu verhindern, dass der Hochstamm umfällt. See more ideas about syringa, lilac, syringa vulgaris. Genus: Syringa. Tilføj til kurv Champost Jordforbedring, 3000 Liter - Bigbag 2.199,00 kr. Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: No. ↑ "RHS Plant Selector - Syringa pubescens subsp. Retrieved 30 November 2018. See more ideas about Syringa, Lilac, Syringa vulgaris. Common name: Hungarian Lilac. Soft white- fragrant flowers adorn this topgrafted lilac in spring. Woody plant, usually having a permanent framework of branches. patula (Manchurian lilac) Syringa pubescens subsp. What is Hardy Shrub? long, 1 ⁄ 3 to 1 1 ⁄ 4 in. Trockenen Boden verträgt er nicht gut. "What is that neat growing little shrub with those pretty round leaves," you might ask, on seeing Syringa microphylla 'Superba' for the first time. 'Bailbelle' is a cross between Syringa meyeri ‘Palibin’ and Syringa pubescens subsp. Family: Oleaceae. Lilacs (Syringa spp.) patula (also Syringa velutina) - syn. long. Type: Broadleaf. Syringa microphylla is a compact form with small leaves and open flower clusters. Read more Read More. Syringa meyeri ‘Palibiniana’ Dwarf Korean Lilac Std. The 'Tinkerbelle' is a cross between the syringa meyeri 'Palibin' and syringa microphylla 'Superba'. Perfect for embellishing doors and gateways. Syringa meyeri ‘Palibiniana’ Dwarf Korean Lilac Std. Syringa meyeri 'Palibin' (S. palibiniana HORT., S. velutina HORT.) Port buissonnant. Soft white- fragrant flowers adorn this topgrafted lilac in spring.

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