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But because of the specific types of browns I put in, I needed much more greens to create a better C:N ratio. For a complete guide to understanding compostable products, check out my blog post on compostable products. The strong reinforced barrel has been UV protected and contains multiple air vents to promote aerobic decomposition. MAZE Two Stage Compost Tumbler at Amazon "This heavy-duty composter has sturdy handles, so you’ll never have a problem keeping your waste rotated." Believe me, I’ve tried. He has a covered trash can (wedged between posts or trees) and drills 10-15 holes in the bottom. I am very glad I bought this. Thanks Shannon for the information on tumbler composting. So, I resorted to buying it online from Amazon. The middle divider section was the hardest and I found it best to put a support under the divider as I was trying to put it in place. I hope that eliminates any fear or anxiety you may be having about starting to compost at home, either using a backyard compost or a compost tumbler. But to be honest, he doesn’t really care. The patent-pending built-in ratchet lock along with the geared rotating handle makes it much easier to turn and mix the compost ma It can take more energy and time to turn a compost heap. And it can be fun too! The reason composting is so awesome is because the organic matter can break down with enough oxygen, moisture, and heat to do so (without producing planet-warming greenhouse gases like methane). Again, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you have any problems during the assembly feel free to contact our office during office hours. Here, they’d produce methane gas, a greenhouse gas that warms the planet, which leads to climate change. My husband is a builder and he was extremely impressed by the materials used and how sturdy it is. There’s no award or medal. It answers all of the FAQs around compostable products and why they can be so misleading. But I have a greater chance of getting struck by lightning and getting eaten by a shark in the same day than I do getting my compost to be this hot. The best way to do this is to rip, chop, or cut your waste into small pieces. All rights reserved. - openable air vents on the drum helps you open or close them based on if the compost is too wet or dry. Well made and designed. Thank you. This lets me know if its ready to rotate of or if I should wait another day or so. And that was it. Finally, the turning mechanism is brilliant but remember that the material will be heavy and become heavier. Let me know in the comments below. So keep those weeds outta your compost pile. Great quality product, all parts fit, well laid out instructions with handy hints. And that’s OK! Your email address will not be published. Not worth the assembly time for the money spent. This meant that hundreds of thousands of people, myself included, could no longer rely on the city to take care of their food scraps. The compost tumbler makes it easier to turn and aerate the mixture. 2-Stage Compost Tumbler is constructed from a zinc coated metal frame to prevent rust with a body constructed from high-impact UV-protected plastic. Earlier this year, New York City suspended its city composting program. First of all, you need to choose a strategic location to place your compost tumbler. And once you get a routine going, all of the questions and worries go away. If you'd like to purchase more than one compost tumbler, please contact Natalie on 021 085 13350. Ideally, the items you add should be, individually, no bigger than an inch or two. Don’t throw the whole thing in there. I am a 70 year old woman and I have just assembled, single-handedly, your 245L compost tumbler. Such high temperatures can kill off the microorganisms that help break down your food scraps. If you encounter missing or … Again in steps 11, 12 and 16 where Nyloc nuts were recommended, the packing was 6 short, but there was an excess of the AG nuts which appear to be adequate replacements. Two features that make the compost tumbler particularly easy to use are the large doors and the turning handle. Especially when it’s for the exact same product. Required fields are marked *. If you’re adding matter to your bin but are not going to rotate it that day, first add the greens, and then add the browns to create a cover layer. Side Note: I tried buying this thermometer straight from the Reotemp website. There’s just my ego. Now that we’ve got the basics squared away, let’s get into the good stuff. Copyright © 2020 Maze Products. You’ll know your compost is working when the pile starts to compress and get smaller. Recycle your food scraps and cut your waste in half with up to 80% off compost bins, worm farms & bokashi bins. Once you’ve filled your compost tumbler to the top, you should not add more to it. If the price was the same on the company’s website, I would’ve been happy to pay the extra for the shipping. They are the best and clearest I have ever used. And instead should start another batch. Although it looks sturdy and seems to be made of quality products, for the price you shouldn’t have to put this together bit by bit. Browns – These are rich in carbon. - tumble compost is always easier to maintain than a bucket bin- easier to stir the compost every week. Underneath the bottom is a 2 inch high drawer (metal or plastic tray). We’ll stick to a 30:1 ratio to keep it simple-ish. That ideal ratio ranges from 24:1 to 30:1 depending on who you ask, i.e., 24 parts carbon to 1 part nitrogen or 30 parts carbon to 1 part nitrogen. And how can I spot it? Shipping We aim to get your compost tumbler delivered in 2-3 business days (3-4 for rural addresses). I find this to be quite meditative actually, since I usually do a big batch at a time. You can get real anal with it, but you don’t have to. It doesn’t list every possible thing that you could put in a compost tumbler. This means it wouldn’t do anything for your compost. This makes it harder for it to heat up. In a landfill, everything is squished together so tightly that the matter doesn’t have the oxygen it needs to break down properly, which produces the methane gas. Oh, and by the way, Reotemp (the company that makes the compost thermometer pictured above) has a great Backyard Composting Guide that you can download for free. Extra parts, missing parts, chart often off. When the first compartment is full, you start on the second compartment. The MAZE two stage compost tumbler is designed to generate the most amount of compost over time. Love this post! The Self Assembly is not for the fainthearted, though the instructions are brilliant. Gardening Australia shows you how to make static composting bays that take up a lot of room and effort ignoring the reality that many users simply do not have the room to do this. The large opening and sliding doors allow for the easy addition of waste and collection of ready compost. One thing I’m having a hard time finding (I’m getting ready to put my compost tumbler together and start my first batch) is can I continually add my kitchen compost to my existing batch in the tumbler, or do I need to wait for that batch to mature and start a new batch? Great product! It’ll still break down, but it will be much slower. 5 mistakes most eco conscious businesses make, Chocolate Mousse Without The Eggs (V + GF). Things like food scraps, green leaves, and grass clippings are all considered “greens.” They account for the nitrogen in your compost, which is crucial to decomposition. It is a good quality product and provides a very logical process for the average suburban household to use all of their relevant waste in an environmentally friendly manner and not simply send these items off to a green waste tip. TOOK US A BIT TO GET STARTED BUT ONCE WE COMBINED THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL WITH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO IT WAS QUITE AN EASY PROCESS. Your email address will not be published. Fill one side with kitchen scraps and yard waste, then stop adding materials and let it "cook," turning it every few days to speed up the decomposition process. Video was a giant bonus. Done correctly, a rotating bin can cut months from … Sure, they’ll get there eventually, but if you really want to make plant food right away, then jump-starting the process is a good idea. If you’re adding browns and greens right before you rotate your bin, it doesn’t matter which you add first since it will all mix together when you rotate it. Add to this the time taken to fill it, and consider where you'll compost subsequent material while the tumbler's doing its stuff. A compost tumbler often referred to as a rotating barrel is one of the ways you can compost your kitchen waste. Having previously purchased a Maze Bokashi indoor composter and having had great results, I decided to go one better and add a compost tumbler to my garden toys collection.

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