jobs with lowest unemployment rate

Brutally. What does this mean? Many Hiring Employers won’t Even Give you a Look, Why Job Performance is Mostly Unrelated to Job Security, 7 Lessons Learned After One Week of Unemployment, How to Pay Taxes with a Credit Card (and Profit), The U.S. is the Most Overworked Nation in the World. Communication skills are important, but highly undervalued in the telemarketer field. It alludes to the competition and interplay between different labor forces. With the 4 pillars in mind, it was interesting to see a list of the top 20 professions in terms of the lowest unemployment rate in 2010 and how the pillars apply to each (employment … I agree Jane. Unemployment is the term for when a person who is actively seeking a job is unable to find work. In September, US employers added 136,000 jobs. I know because I recently graduated from law school and it was very difficult to find a job. I’d rather do that than spend 500 to 1000 for a well designed app. Perhaps we can look to the very recent past to find out. I’ll cover the top 10 jobs with the highest unemployment rates, but only a few comments need to be made, since 8 of the top 10 are in the construction/build trades, and are as follows: 4. roofers (27.1%), 5. millwrights (25.5%). To cull the jobs with the lowest unemployment rates, the investigation begins broadly, with the unemployment rates for 16 industry groups, and then narrows by specific jobs within the industries. India's unemployment rate (UER) for the month of November 2020 stood at 6.51%, the lowest since September 2018 when it was 6.47%, according to … Appraisers & Assessors of Real-Estate (0.4%): I couldn’t believe this at first. Occupational Therapists (1.0%): Occupational therapists treat those who are mentally, physically, developmentally, or emotionally disabled. 17. Continuing in the information industry, there are 52,431 available web developer jobs each month and just 6,641 are hired monthly. When the economy shrinks, credit is hard to come by, and real-estate value is plummeting, it’s no surprise that people in these occupations are going to suffer greatly. 4. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); There can’t be many better ways to find out which jobs are the most and least secure than to look at the unemployment rate of each profession over the past year. This job, with low unemployment, lists approximately 64,000 jobs per month and fills 11,850 of them, leaving a gap of almost 52,000. (You may also be interested in 10 Promising Job Prospects.). Directors, Religious Activities & Education (0.8%): When the going gets tough, people get all spiritual. Medical technology technician 1.4% 2. Which Jobs Have The Highest And Lowest Unemployment Rates? With gas prices so high, the rail business has made a strong comeback. U.S. employers added 263,000 jobs in April, and the unemployment rate dropped to 3.6 percent, the lowest since December 1969, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report. 21. According to the BLS, people with jobs are employed. Unemployment Rate Falls to 6.9% as Economy Adds 638,000 Jobs Payroll gains in October pushed the unemployment rate to its lowest level since the … Professional and related occupations – 4.3%, Management, business, and financial operations occupations – 4.8%, Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations – 5.3%, Farming, fishing, and forestry operations – 5.9%, Construction and extraction operations – 8.0%. Jobs with the Lowest Unemployment Rate. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. This highly technical job within the Information industry claims 114,921 jobs per month with only 31,272 monthly hires, leaving a large gap of unfilled positions. The unemployment rate fell to 3.6 percent, the Labor Department said Friday, the lowest since 1969.

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